Woodstock features 4 menu areas: the main navigation in the header, the menu in the top bar, the my account menu and the footer menu.

1. Creating Menus

By selecting the Appearance > Menus option from the left WordPress admin sidebar, you can manage & create your sites menus and menu items, and select where certain menus are shown.

To create a menu:

  1. Click the “create a new menu” link
  2. Enter a name for the menu, this can be anything e.g “Header Menu”, “Footer Menu”, “Top Menu”.
  3. Click the “Create Menu” button

2. Menu Locations

Once you’ve created your menu, you need to assign it to the menu location which you would like to use it for. You can do so by setting it under the Manage Locations tab, once you’ve navigated to Appearance > Menus from the WordPress admin sidebar menu.

You can also set the top bar menu, and footer menu here, so if you would like to use both make sure you create a menu for each area.

3. Mega Menu

Mega Menu functionality is built-in to Woodstock, so you can easily create mega dropdowns without any extra plugins or configuration. All you need to do is create a menu that goes into 3 tiers. You can have as many items with a mega menu as you like. Menu items that only have one level of children will show a standard dropdown.

Once you’ve set your structure, you need to open up the parent menu item, and check the “Enable Mega Menu” checkbox. Here you can also set the number of columns, and also alter the styling. See far right for an example.

Enable Mega Menu Functionality