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Wordpress & Woocommerce resources Installing WordPress - Installing WordPress WordPress for Beginners 2015 - WordPress for Beginners 2015 is a course specifically designed by the great folks from WordPress Informer for those who want to learn WordPress ...

WooCommerce - Products Settings

What is WooCommerce? The world's favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control. Sell anything. Beautifully. Get started for free.

WooCommerce - Installing WooCommerce Installing WooCommerce is just like installing your normal WordPress plugin. We've then built in an awesome on boarding wizard to help you get the basics set for your store. You'll be ready to add products in less than 5 minu ...

WooCommerce - General Settings The General Settings tab in WooCommerce is where you set items like your store base location, what countries you sell to, store notice text, as well as your currency.

WooCommerce - Checkout Settings The Checkout Settings tab in WooCommerce lets you enable or disable things like coupons or guest checkout. You can also force secure checkout, change checkout pages, and reorder your payment gateways from here.

WooCommerce - Tax Settings

WooCommerce - Shipping Settings Shipping is a big part of selling physical goods in WooCommerce. This video covers the basic shipping settings in the shipping tab. Things like where you'll ship to, showing the shipping calculator on the cart page, and more ...

WooCommerce - Accounts Settings

WooCommerce - Product Categories, Tags, Shipping Classes and Attributes

WooCommerce - Grouped Product Overview

WooCommerce - Simple Product Overview

WooCommerce - External Affiliate Product Overview

WooCommerce - Variable Product Overview Selling a product that comes in multiple colors and sizes? A variable product is the way to go in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce - Coupons

WooCommerce - Downloadable Product Overview

WooCommerce - Widgets

WooCommerce - Managing Orders

WooCommerce - Shortcodes

Barberry Updates History Version 1.9.2  — August 28, 2016 Updated: Wordpress 4.6 support Fixed: Scroll on mobile devices Fixed: Removing/Update product items in Cart Fixed: Quantity/Update product items in Cart (mobile) Added: Widt ...